Cassie-la (yrch_monger) wrote in goback2mirkwood,

Quick, get the paddles.

Although many of you assumed that goback2mirkwood was long dead and buried, thanks to far too much sugar, and a new co-mod (bronzeoliphaunt) who just happened to be bursting with ideas, it's revamped and back with a vengeance.

The original intent of this community was simple, take out our hatred on Legolas and Arwen. But due to the enjoyment our first Round Aboot produced, we've decided to expand the field.

From now on, this community will host a variety of challenges, including, but not limited to: round abouts, ficathons, icon challenges, drabbles, etc. (In a variety of fandoms of course.)

So let's start off things right with a little game I like to call "Add That Showtune Lyric." The rules are simple, add a stanza that starts with the word the previous stanza ended with.

For example, if I were to write: We did the Continental American, the  next person could follow up with American woman, stay away from me.

It doesn't have to be a showtune, but the title seems to fit nicely. And there's no precise order, just go for it.

In the dark of the morning I'll warm you...

And don't forget to promote!

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