I Give Out Flowers (bronzeoliphaunt) wrote in goback2mirkwood,
I Give Out Flowers

Super-official co-mod postage

All right, Cassie (yrch_monger) told me almost a week ago to post the first GoBack2Mirkwood Official Challange. And while I have plently of ideas (and even more computer trouble), I thought it would be good to get a sense of what everyone, and not just the all-powerful mods, wanted/expected of the community before I delved into my more . . . abstract ideas.

As a result of all this in-depth thinking, I have fashioned a short survey for all active GoBack2Mirkwood members.

That's right - ALL. If you're an active member and would like to STAY an active member, I think it would just be nice if you'd let us know so we could keep track. Alternatively, you can make your presence known by simply copying this message and submitting it as a comment to this post:

Forget your survey, bitch, but I'll participate in something FUN.

And for those who DON'T wish to emotionally destroy me . . .

Just copy and paste the code in your comment box . . . having filled out your answers.

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