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I Give Out Flowers

Nooo.  NOOOO.  I just wrote a long, official, good-natured entry about the first challenge, and then accidentally clicked "browse options".  BAH HUMBUG.

Though there's some dissention in the hating of Liv/Arwen and Orlando/Lemur, I think we can all agree that Mary-Sues are the enemy of the known universe.  And that is precisely why we'll all be writing one.

WAIT!  COME BACK!  We'll all be writing PARODIES.  SHORT parodies.  With . . . a twist.

Everyone who completed the Survey of Doom was mostly in favor of keeping the community small and friendly.  Not to say that all the members are friends, or NOT after each other's blood, but *sing-song* everyone has SOMEONE!  And that is why each of you will write a short Sue story, any fandom, about one of your fellow members.

And when I say you WILL, I mean I'm BEGGING you to participate so I won't feel like a total failure.

Since we can't have everyone writing about one person, I'm making a list of all the active community members.  Please comment with your choice, and I'll cross them off as they come.

::Ze List::

Kyma (kymathewhite)</span> Sue

Homewise (crazyfcedootu)</span> Sue

Jenny (bronzeoliphaunt) Sue</span>

Cujo (yrch_monger) Sue</span></span>

Helen (icklesourkiwi) Sue Mine!</span>

Erica (superfreak425) Sue</span></span>

Katla (katla_asriel) Sue</span></span></span>

Dippy (razrbladekitty) Sue</span>

Cassie (thegreenpilgrim) Sue

Pokey (lavendarluv3) Sue

Reed (clarinet_player) Sue</span></span></span>

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Erm. Sorry I'm not active..x3 I'm pretty busy right now. I have to do my homework..And on saturdays I have to clean..So..o.o; Yep..And, I'll participate..o.o; Whee..I'm not telling whom I'm writing about..Okay..Sorry..Random..
Actually, you have to tell. Sorry. But I'll add you to the list.
Fine. I choose to write about Cassie, because we have similar taste so. hah..
Can do love.
::points at icon, chokes on own tongue, dies::

That's awesome.


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago

I get homa
I so get Chervyn! (Kyma)
I get Katla. Oh so many ideas. *evil grin*

sidenote- most call me Kelly. Some call me Jesus. You may call me Ishmael. Or Kelly. And I am updating le round-about now.
Well, since I as well go by Jesus (even if it's only at Sunday school), I think I'll call you Ishmael.
I wait in eager anticipation. *giggles and clings to her Legolas posters*

Oh, and make sure you make it angsty! VERY angsty. That is, if you can, considering that it is a parody and all.

Remember, I'll sue.

I do hope someone chooses to write about me. They'll have so much fun..
I wanna play!
And Pokey wants to be Pokey Sue. So look at that, I suppose I'll do her... >_>

[in backround] "I AM POKEY SUE!"
Can do, luv. Is she going to write one?
She can't have one unless she writes one! So ends random outburst. *grumble*

*cries occasionally whimpering the words Pokey Sue in a corner*


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12 years ago

Well, Jenny, considering the fact that I just wandered over here from the ever-lovely charlie_claire, I'll suppose that I'll do your Mary-Sue fic.


MOO HA HA. I'm going away now.
Oh, and Jenny, I'm writing about you. Just in case I didn't make it clear.
Haha, affirmative. *gives thumbs up* I'm so glad you aren't terrorized . . . for LIFE!
I'm so sorry, people, but I'm too late. All the people I know are taken. I feel horrible. But not for long. I'll go get some chocolate or my new wonderful pillow and I won't feel bad anymore. ;) Not that I really think you'll be worried about me.
Erica, you fool. Meet clarinet_player. Chat. Have coffee. LOVE HER, because SHE IS YOURS!!!!

Muahaha, I love having ultimate power.
Where does she live? Why coffee? I
Ummm . . . potato.
I changed my mind. Wow, that was fast. I want to write one anyway. Does anyone object to me doing another one for Homa or Jenny? I realize that this makes me look really sad, but...oh well.
See my response to your other comment. If you really don't want to make a friend and be a good person . . . I GUESS. But just as a special favor, because I ♥ you.